Sunday, 25 October 2015

New Bowls and a Dessert ...

On Thursday, I went shopping with my daughter and I saw these beautiful  bowls. They were oval in shape and not too large...'Perfect for dessert', I thought. I have been looking around for clear glass bowls that would allow me to layer desserts but always found ones that were too large for individual servings. When I saw these, I knew that they would be perfect! Of course I bought them!

 I had planned on making a layered mousse on Friday, but time was short and I was babysitting Mommy.B's twins. And right royal little divas they are! They screamed every time I put them down!

Anyway, getting back to the topic of dessert, I whipped up these Muhallabiya. Best decision... My family were really pleased and loved them! They went down a treat! Silky and smooth, they satisfied a sweet tooth without being too rich and cloying. This recipe requires minimal preparation, and is quick and easy to make. Allow some time for chilling, though...I love this served ice cold.
Ready to be decorated...

First some crushed pistachios...

...Then some rose petals...

Some more pistachios, just because!

Muhallabiya recipe:

1 litre full fat milk
250 millilitres (1 cup) double cream
2/3 cup sugar
6 tablespoons cornstarch (cornflour)
1 tablespoon orange blossom water
1 tablespoon rose water
Pistachios and rose petals for garnish

Set aside a 1/2 cup of milk. Combine remaining  milk, cream and sugar in a heavy based saucepan. Place on medium heat, and bring to a gentle simmer.
Mix reserved milk and cornstarch to a smooth paste. Pour into the simmering milk, and cook over low heat, stirring constantly until the mixture thickens and is gently bubbling. Stir in the rose and blossom waters. Leave to cool slightly, before pouring into individual  serving bowls or into one large bowl.
Cool to room temperature, then chill until really cold. Decorate with rose petals and pistachios, and serve.
This recipe makes approximately 12 servings.

Note: This recipe can be prepared a  day before.