Monday, 27 June 2016

Beautiful Spaces...

 The month of Ramadan has been going well and the weather has been lovely (not all of you will agree with me, but I tend to do better in winter...although waking up on those icy mornings...not fun!).  Recently, my desk got a bit of a  makeover. It was starting to look a bit tired and boring, not to mention cluttered! So it was time to spruce it up a bit.
 For me, having a beautiful space to blog, study and work is imperative. It helps me to be more creative. I simply cannot function in an untidy, cluttered, disorganised  environment. Anyone else feel the same way? So here are my tips for a stylish work space... 

1. Tray- Keep a tray to corral all your little bits and bobs. Beautiful boxes to hide all the essential, but  not so pretty, stuff...

2. A scented candle to create a relaxing work environment.

3. To store my pens and pencils, I used these pretty candle holders. This keeps them neat but easy to reach for.

4. Keep a notepad at your desk so that you can jot down ideas...Oh! And keep another at your bedside for those middle of the night inspirations! In fact, I have several all over the place.

5. Flowers to keep your place fresh and pretty...And joy of joys, our orchid is starting to flower again!(Can you see all those beautiful little buds just waiting to burst open?) Waking up to a new bloom every morning, brings a huge smile to my face. (Will do a post soon on how we got our orchid to flourish after losing all hope of it surviving) 

6. Lastly, keep it pretty and make it your own! No one wants to work at an ugly desk!