Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Chic Essentials...Winter Must-Haves...

Hi dear friends, Brrr, its cold outside!
Just because our winter is bone-chilling, it doesn't mean that you can't be stylish! Winter clothing can be fun too! I've put together a list of my winter must-haves (and my wish list!) to see you through those chilly days...

1. Gloves-I love gloves...well, actually, I'm kind of obsessed with them! I have a great selection, ranging from finger gloves to elbow length, in wool, felt and supple lambskin. I love buying them in different colours as they can really make an outfit pop! Oh, and they look so elegant and feminine too! I purchase a pair or two every winter, that way I have built up a great collection. These are a few of the pairs that I'm coveting right now... 

Untitled #35

2. Knitwear-From cardies to sweaters...Invest in a few high quality knits and they'll see you through for years! Purchase a classic cardi and sweater in black or another neutral colour, preferably in wool or cashmere, and you're set for many a (stylish and cozy) winter. Add pops of colour with more trendy, less expensive pieces.

Untitled #35

3. Shawls, scarves and stoles-in different styles and colours. these are all an easy and inexpensive way to update your wardrobe. I love a (faux) fur stole for evening wear. Throw one over your shoulders, and you're good to go! I always carry a lightweight cashmere shawl in my bag, that way, I'm never left out in the cold, so to speak!

Untitled #36

4. Boots-Invest in a good quality, walking boot in whatever heel height that you are comfy with, and at least one pair of showstoppers and let your shoes do the talking...Whilst I love my suede, velvet and silk boots, I prefer leather for everyday wear as they are easier to keep clean. 

Untitled #37

5. Coats-A well-tailored coat is a classic that you'll wear forever! A few years ago, I bought a full length black wool coat as well as a camel trench coat and I have never looked back. Again, invest in timeless,classic pieces as they are not a cheap buy. 

Untitled #38

6. Blazers, leather jackets, capes e.t.c...As these are less expensive than coats, you can go all out with some of the latest trendy pieces. Although I do love a few classics such as a well cut denim jacket, a butter soft leather biker, and a simple classic blazer....the options are endless...

Untitled #39

Finally, only invest in pieces that you love...winter clothing takes up some serious space in your closet, so be wise about what you buy!

Keep warm and enjoy the rest of the season!