Monday, 1 August 2016

Blending things up a little...

Whilst browsing at Sephora a few days ago, I saw the Beauty Blender...again! A product that I have seen countless times and has been reviewed many times on the web. A product that I had previously ignored, because, I've always used a foundation brush and got great results! (Or so I thought) And, besides, it really can't be that impressive, can it? On an impulse, I picked it up and added it to my purchases. Well, I finally got around to trying it out yesterday and I totally understand what the hype is about! I was really impressed with it! For those of you who have not heard about the Beauty Blender yet, it is an egg shaped, makeup sponge, unlike any other!

To use it, you need to soak it in water until its completely saturated.

Then squeeze dry.

And thereafter towel dry.

Then dip it into your makeup of choice and start applying to your face by using a bouncing motion.

It can be used for foundations, powders, cream blush, bronzers or basically any complexion product. The lower part, which is bigger, can be used on the cheeks, forehead and neck areas. While the pointy tip makes it easy to blend into those hard to reach areas around the eyes, nose and mouth. 

After usage don't forget to clean your blender with the cleansing solution (that is purchased separately) and leave it atop the container that it came in, to dry out completely. 

And for the end result? Yes! Definitely worth buying! It worked great! I used a lot less product and I achieved a smooth, very even coverage, but still very natural looking.

Actually I loved it so much I bought these cute little twin beauty blenders last night! I can't wait to try them out!