Friday, 13 March 2015

Sleep Deprivation and A Little Luxe...

By Mommy b

Lately, my three year old has been giving us a hard time at night.He wakes up wanting to get into our bed, wanting cuddles or just wanting to play! I'm not sure whether it's anxiety about the new baby or is it just him wanting attention. I try to give him lots of love and attention at the moment, but it can be exhausting!Although my hubby helps a lot with Buddy,he only wants me lately.Does this sound familiar?

When Buddy eventually nods off, Squiggle, (that's the name given to the baby by my Buddy)decides to practice for a swimming marathon in my belly.  There goes my sleep!

Between feeding and diaper changing new mom's deserve some special attention  after giving birth and adjusting to joyous but sleepless new lives.
 Here are some luxe ideas that will make any mom feel pampered and make life a teeny, tiny bit easier.

1) A cashmere throw
Nothing says cosy like cashmere! I purchased this one overseas. Don't you just love the gorgeous colour? The perfect way to wrap yourself up during those chilly sleepless nights and it serves as a great decorative piece as well. A cashmere throw makes the perfect gift and you don't even need to know her size!
For cosy throws see Woolworths and Loads of living. 

2) Bugatti vela
This one, I cant recommend enough.I`ve had mine for years and love it a little bit more everyday!   
I adore my bugatti vela. Not only does it look gorgeous but it is wonderful for those days when you just do not have the time or energy to cook yourself a nutritious meal. So easy to blend up a quick but nourishing smoothie. 
Bonus, It's perfect for baby food as well! 

3) YSL Touche Eclat 
I love the idea of relaxing with cucumber slices on my eyes,but with kids its just that.... an idea....
What would I have done without Touche Eclat! My son was a terrible sleeper and it`s the one makeup item I could not do without! It`s great at covering those dark circles caused by sleepless nights.
I know that there are many other great concealers on the market,but this one has been my all time fave. It works for me so as they say 'if it ain't broke.......'

4) Herbal tea
My go to drink while breastfeeding is tea.Mostly herbal tea, so after you've tucked baby into bed, why not curl up with a hot cup? There`s a lovely selection out there. I usually brew it in my Eva Solo Tea Maker. I love this tea maker as the neoprene cover keeps the drink hot for a while.

5) Spa treat
Being a new mom takes a lot out of your body. Why not give her some time to relax. A massage, mani and pedi or a full spa package would definitely make her feel pampered! Oh, and an offer to babysit would be great as well! Sherbet angel offers pregnancy packages as well as the Mama Mio range which is especially formulated  for pre and post pregnancy. For more information check out their website 

6) Scented Candles
When I'm at the end of my tether, a sweet smelling candle always makes me feel better.
Help a new mama relax by gifting her a soothing scented candle. My favourite is the Diptyque Tubereuse  (available at Luminance). It always makes everything seem better and calmer...Check out the Jo Malone range too.

7) Flowers
There's nothing like a bouquet of flowers to cheer a new mom up, that's why flowers will always be the most popular congratulatory gift to new parents on the arrival of their baby. 

8) Jewellery  
And for the mom who has it all you can never go wrong with some bling! I adore the love bracelet by Cartier (yes that's a hint hubby! I hope you're reading this.)

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